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Auto Authority was established in 1996 and has since grown into a leader in St. Louis aftermarket truck accessory business. We offer internet prices with un matched instore service. Installation is offered on everything we sell and we will install customer provided parts as well. For your large wheel and tire needs we carry all major brands and installation on the big ones is never a problem. Our reputation is tied to lifted trucks, but we do handle your fun performance car needs as well. Also with the rise in overlanding popularity we have signed several deals with top brands in that segment as well.

The first 20 years of our business was focused on growth, but the last 7 plus years have changed gears. We no longer have multiple stores with the revolving employee turn over in the shop. We have downsized to one location, so you receive a more hands on experience with long term employees. After all what's the use have having a 30 year track record and the person working on your vehicle is on their third day?